The thumb has always been considered to be the most important part of hand analysis, and for centuries it has been known as the signature of the hand and is a major key in the assessment of character. On any pair of hands, no two thumbs are every really alike; there will always be a slight difference. These differences must be taken into account, especially when there is a wide disparity between the hands anyways.

Comparing Thumbs
When you find a strong thumb on the left hand but a much weaker-looking affair on the right hand, there will always be problems with initiative and getting things off the ground. Two strong thumbs together suggest a difficult or stubborn character. Two weak thumbs indicate someone who vacillates and bends with the wind at the slightest breeze.

The thumb is divided into three sections; the first, or will phalange; the middle phalange, or phalange of reason, and the mount of Venus, or the ball of the thumb. The ball of the thumb is the seat of emtions and should always look full, as if its brimming with energy.

1. The first phalange measures a person’s willpower and indicates the level of energy and decisiveness.

2. The middle phalange shows how a subject reasons things through before deciding on the path they should take.

3. The ball of the thumb, the mount of Venus, must look well developed and feel firm, springy, and resilient to the touch. This phalange represents the emotions and related physical energy. Therefore, the more developed this is, the more energy the subject has to meet challenges.

Pointed Thumb
Indicates an idealist, people who are very clever at getting their own way. They are very persuasive and there is an in-built knack for spotting weakness in others and seizing advantage. If the tip is soft, then the nature is inclined to be more submissive.


Spalulate Thumb
This is a sure sign of a craftsperson, a practical type who gets things done.  However, these people are all too ready to pursue the attraction of the moment and will drop whatever they are doing for anything new and untried.

Square-Tipped Thumb

Indicates a realist and a hard taskmaster but one who will lead by example. There is a strong sense of fair play and justice.



Conic Tip
Indicates quick response too quickly to external stimuli and are easily distracted. While they may appear quick thinking and sensitive, they are not always as committed as they appear.



Bulbous Thumb
A bulbous thumb, the old-fashioned “murderer’s thumb,” shows a strongly physical approach to life with strong appetites. This expression, “resistance is futile” is very apt here, for these people have quite heated tempers.

              Low-set thumb                    High-set thumb

Low-Set Thumb
The lower the thumb, the more inspirational the character. If wide angled, an adventurer; if narrow, conventional.

High-Set Thumb
A thumb up on the hand, a long way from the wrist, suggest a good and clearly defined instinctive creative flair.

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