Even normally articulate and quite intelligent people who have this line can be power-mad, when the mood takes them. They become so caught up with the need to achieve their aims that nothing, and no one, gets in their way; they are unable to direct their talents aw they should.

There is always a sense of purpose; they seem different; you feel their ability to control, to be always right and not to make mistakes. They must always have the facts, never probabilities. Social niceties will be dispensed with and they become efficient machines; personal popularity is the last thing on their minds.

When the Simian line lies deep into the palm the emotional side of the nature is badly controlled, but when it is set higher in the hand, the intellectual side is more dominant.

When the line is fairly thick at this commencement, the personality is quite cold and calculating. If it is more strongly etched toward the outer edge of the hand, the emotions are instinctive. One straight, thick line right across the hands shows a selfish and materialistic nature.

A thinner or more lightly etched line implies a highly sensitive inner nature coupled with natural intuition. Reactions are fast but always with that selfish side of their natures in evidence. These people are often very restless and they cannot stay still for long.

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