Will you be wealthy?
How successful will you be?
Is a career in entertainment for you?
Is an office-desk job for you?
What would be your best career choice?
Are you a natural leader? 
Are you practical or creative by nature?
Are you a financial risk taker or gambler?

Are you family-oriented?
What is a telltale sign that you should raise your child in a strict environment?
Are you loyal and honest to others?
Are you too concerned with what others think of you?
Do you find it difficult to make friends?
Are you a homely person?
Are you an extrovert?

Are you currently in good health?
Do you have a short (or missing) life line. Does this mean you'll have a short life?
What specific health problems are you prone to?
Do you have smoker's nails?
Are you truly happy with your life?
How well do you cope with stress?
Do you have a poor diet?
Do you get sick easily because of stressful situations?

He has small hands. Does this mean he also has a small penis?
Are you too cheap when it comes to spending money on dinner, gifts, etc?
Do you have a big sex drive?
How many serious love relationships have you been in?
Are you a flirt?
Are you a hopeless romantic?
Are you a controlling, jealous person?
Will you be single forever?
Is your marriage in trouble?
He's got hairy hands? Does it mean anything?
Do you get bored in relationships easily?

Are you independent or too dependent on others?
Are you materialistic?
Do you have self confidence?
Are you manipulative and always trying to get your own way?
Are you spontaneous?
Are you socially active?
Do you have a nasty temper?
Are you a homely person?
What is your approach on life?
Are you a selfish person?
Do you have an obsessive nature?
Are you talkative?

Do your  hands look totally different from the other one. Why?
Are there differences between left- and right-handed people?
Do you have big bulging, "monkey" knuckles? What may this indicate?
Do fingerprint patterns mean anything?
Do you have a sixth sense?
Which finger do you chose to wear your ring? What does this mean?

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