If there is a wide space between the first and second fingers, it shows you're confident and independent. You would make a good leader.

If the spacing is narrow, it means you lack self-confidence. You would rather follow the crowd.

If you first finger sets lower than your other fingers, this is a sure sign that you lack of self-confidence; the lower it is, the less "push" there will be in the personality. When the little finger is set extremely low, expect to find an inferiority complex of some degree or another. There is always some element of self-doubt. If the  fingers are set evenly along the top of the palm, you have a  reasonably well-balanced personality, someone who can take the rough with the smooth and who trusts his or her own judgment.

If your fingers slope from a high-set index to a seemingly low-set little finger. you have a fake  sense of self-confidence; you bluff your  way through life until someone calls you out on it.

A large open hand, wide spacing, and evenly set fingers suggest the nature is confident, always open to suggestion and reason.  A strong degree of cooperation should also be present.  

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