Sure they do!

The Loop
The loop pattern suggests you are emotionally mature. You're very flexible, cooperative and understanding. They make better followers than leaders.
The Whorl
The whorl suggests a closed character, one who is not too open. These people are always cool even under pressure. They are quite stubborn and wary of others.
Tented Arch
Those with a tented arch are born idealists, many of whom strive for a perfect world and who do not like criticism. They like to flatter people and will even use flattery to get what they want.
The Arch
People with the  arch pattern are down to earth  they are useful, conventional, and honest.

The Composite
This may be made up of any variation of an arch, a tented arch, or loop with a whorl. These people are practical.
The Variation
Variations can occur on one or two fingers.  They are best read as composites.


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