Look for the area halfway down the edge if the palm to the base of the hand.  This is called the Luna Mount. When this is well-developed, you get restless easily.  If it is overdeveloped, it shows that you have an extremely tough time staying with routine.

Another sign is with your thumb. If your thumb has a conic tip,  you are easily distracted with temptations. While you may appear quick thinking and sensitive, you're really not always as committed as you appear.


A forked end to your life line also  indicates restlessness; and the owner will be involved in activities that will reflect this.






Another way to look is in the shape of your hand.

You have square hands if you have:
-Square-shape fingertips.
-Fairly even spaced fingers
-Square outer edge to palm.
-Square base to the hand.
You have round hands if you have: 
-Rounded, slightly tapered fingertips.
-Middle finger is the longest.
-Little finger (pinky) is low set.
-Curvy outer edge of the palm.
-Usually soft hands.

If you have round shaped hands, you tend to get bored easily. You like to change, make, and break relationships - sometimes without warning. You like the feeling of the chase of a new love interest. You prefer the beginning of the relationships when everything is fresh and new.

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