Look at the shape of your hand.

You have square hands if you have:
-Square-shape fingertips.
-Fairly even spaced fingers.
-Square outer edge to palm.
-Square base to the hand.
You have round hands if you have:
-Rounded, slightly tapered fingertips.
-Middle finger is the longest.
-Little finger (pinky) is low set.
-Curvy outer edge of the palm.
-Usually soft hands.

If you have square shaped hands, you're practical, orderly, logical, and methodical. People with squared shaped hands are conventional, stubborn, patient, and have respect for the law.

If you have a round shaped hands, you have a natural creative and artistic nature, along with an impulsive and idealistic side. People with round shape hands tend to get bored easily.

Another telltale sign is through the thumb.  Does your thumb set high or low on the side of your hand?

Low-Set Thumb                  High-Set Thumb

If you've got a high-set thumb, this means you've got a clearly defined creative flair.

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