The hand can be based on the four elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air. You'll be able to see which career element best suits you.
The FIRE  hand has a rectangular palm with fingers shorter than the palm. On many cases, the fingers may seem to be a trifle wider at their tips. This shape implies an extrovert nature, for these folks are bright and intelligent and have natural leadership talents, always able to make changes when others fail.

These people tend to excel at solving problems while others are still wondering what to do and when to do it. They are very good at lateral thinking and solves problems quickly. It doesn't always follow that what they do is right or wrong, but at least they do something! People with this type of hand gravitate to the emergency services - ambulance, fire, or police. They may also enjoy sports and the entertainment field.  Because the fire mentalities have to be occupied with something to keep their alert minds from being underemployed they often have hobbies that fully exercise them. They do sometimes have a lazy streak, but when not, they get burned out easily.


The EARTH hand  has a square palm and slightly shorter fingers. The earth hand type are down-to-earth, reliable, and conventional. They like law and order and are very traditional. There is an innate capacity to cope with routine. They function well in the armed services and many turn to emergency services when they eventually leave. They enjoy outdoor work such as gardening, farming, construction, and they work well with animals.   One of the major faults is impatience. Some earth hand types operate on a very short fuse at times and they can make silly mistakes. They dislike being taken to task for their errors and do not like to make mistakes or be seen to do so.

When there is a distinct curve or bulge running down the outer edge of the palm, it indicates very strong creative abilities and learning. These people normally possess great manual dexterity.

The typical Air hand has a square palm with fingers longer than the palm and is often flexible and supple. Well-balanced and reliable, these people are very creative and crave variety in just about all they do. They must be kept busy, for then they are their very best! Air hand types are socially gifted and enjoy company. they prefer to be in a state of constant intellectual stimulation. However, while they are popular, in emotional relationships they can seem to be somewhat controlled - almost as if they are scared to "let go." They often find it difficult to express themselves emotionally and are not given to impulse behavior of any kind. While they appear to learn from their experiences, they seem unable to cope with one-to-one relationships and issues. As a result, their private lives are very changeable. Too much time is spent controlling their responses; they tackle problems with excessive logic. Air hand types thrive in the communications field. There is a flair for language and an understanding of modern technology such as computers and the Internet. The entertainment field is alive with Air hands because they have mercurial minds and an unflappable attitude. Many actors with Air hand characteristics often look to working behind the camera and turn into excellent directors, and soon learn how to be producers, because they can turn disadvantage into advantage with ease. They also know how to make, and keep money.

Longer rectangular palms with rather long and graceful fingers typify the warm emotional nature of the Water hand. They do best in caring professions like social work, counseling, or therapy.   In fact, these people are more emotionally oriented than is good for them; their moods can swing in either direction so easily that it is difficult to know what they do next or how they will react. The circumstances have to be just right if you want to get the best out of Water Hand people. They are fluid, changeable, and impressionable, and often unreliable because they think with their hearts rather than with their minds. So, thy need to learn to keep both feet very firmly on the ground at all times. When a new romance starts, a frequent event in their lives, it sends them into a world totally of their own making. They probably fall in love with love rather than the object of their affections. Water hands are very sensitive people!

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