The life line traces events from birth to old age. When this line is the most heavily emphasized then the subject will put the physical above almost everything else. This type of line is more likely to be found on the hands of those people who prefer the great outdoors and thrive when involved in physical activities. However, like any other lines, it must never be read in isolation but always be assessed in conjunction with them and other features on a hand if you are to make a satisfactory analysis.

The life line is the most important gauge of our constitution and vitality and it should always look strong and healthy. The more interruptions on the line the less its power to operate as it should.

Sometimes the line appears to constrict the ball of the thumb and tuck in under the mount of Venus. It can sweep outward to end anywhere on the Luna mount or be the division between the two bottom mounts. In a few cases, it can travel on to the lower outer edge of the palm. It can fork into several branches, fade away, fray, or tassellate.

Where Does Your Life Line Begin? 
When it starts as single line within the skin pattern at the edge of the palm, the nature is open and self-reliant, but when it is chained, then the owner will be too reliant on others. An open-ended island format suggests an element of mystery surrounding birth, adoption, or illegitimacy or perhaps, difficulty with physical birth.

When, at the start, it is tied with the head line, the longer they stay together, the more cautious their owner in relationship with others. These folk will be hyper sensitive, full of self-doubt, and difficult to understand; they tend to achieve very little. There can be a hint of national pride or a love of family tradition, the right way of getting things done convention is important to them.

As the life line moves away from the head line, little influence lines may be seen between them. When there are many of them, the nature is not very positive and the owners will look at others for leadership because they lack any real decisiveness themselves.

A line that begins high up on the mount of Jupiter denotes a healthy, driving, ambitious nature. These people will be confident and feel they are infallible. When things go wrong, they must find someone else to blame rather than admit they are wrong. The lower down the beginning of this line, the less this tendency. The nature will be open, friendly, and natural.

A life line that originates from the mount of Mars and clings tighly around the ball of the thumb creates a sensitive, touchy soul, ready to kick in a self-defense mechanism at the slightest sign of trouble. A line rising on the Mars mount suggests the subject is a follower who rarely moves without checking every step of the way and even then hesitates. A line touching or passing through the line from inside the life line shows an interfering family member or close friend.

Another Line Running Parallel with Life Line
A sister line, the line of Mars, may run parallel with the life line. It is an added sign of physical well-being that gives that extra zing to life and is often seen in the hands of sportspeople. Sometimes, a hand will have two life lines running parallel almost from start to finish. This indicates someone who is able to love two completely different lives at the same time.

Reading the Life Line
Influence marks that stem from the palmar area, outside the life line, indicate from where or from who problems originate; if from Jupiter, a career matter perhaps; if from Saturn, personal discipline; or if from the Apollo finger or mount; artistic or creative matters. If a line comes from the Mercury finger or mount it relates to commercial matters.

When the life line in the right hand sweeps out into the palmar surface with little or no ties between it and the head line, the owner will make continuous conscious efforts to better his or her life. If the left-hand line seems to restrict the ball of the thumb but the right-hand line is noticeably different and sweeps right out into the palm, there will be many attempts to better the life. These subjects consider their early years were disadvantages and difficult to cope with and that this held them back. They will have faced up to overbearing parents, risen above scholastic or environmental dissatisfaction, and recognized health weaknesses with a sensible and responsible regimen.

The reverse of this, when the left-hand line sweeps out into the palm but the right-hand line stays close to the mount of Venus, indicates depleted circumstances that have taken their toll. The owner has made the best of things but, while aware of these problems, was unable or unwilling to do anything about them and has let things slide.

Influence lines rising up from the life line show efforts made to improve the standard of living, and if long enough, they should indicate in which direction the owner is or was aiming.

Breaks in the Line 
Once halfway down the hand the line may break up to end in a number of different ways but, when there is little change in its appearance, the owners will be content and in control of their affairs. Little upsets them, and they can bend with the wind quite well. When there are changes, it will be at about middle age. At this time most ambitions have been or are nearly achieved. At this point the line might look strong, but a little lower down it might begin to break up, showing signs of stress. The owner has taken on too much; the line is giving on early earning and they should take steps to ease matters, or else.


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