Placement: Mid to Lower Palm

The life line begins somewhere between your thumb and index finger and runs downward toward wrist. Life line is generally curved.

Basic Life Line Meanings:
  • Long Line: Good Health, Vitality
  • Short Line: It is a myth that a short life line means a short life. If the life line is short, look closer to other signs (broken, deep, faint, etc.)
  • Deep Line: Smooth Life
  • Faint Line: Low energy
  • Broken Line: Struggles, Losses
  • Chained Line: Multiple Walks (meaning that your life path is multifold)
  • Forked Line: Various meanings depending on fork placement on the hand. Generally forks indicate diversion or life change. Although they can also mean scattered or split energies.
  • Double Line: Partner with Soul Mate, or there is someone near (friend or family member) that serves as a guardian or caretaker.
  • Absent Line: Anxious, Nervous


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