The line of heart governs our emotional responses and the way they shape our character and personality. It also indicates the level of vascular health and in certain circumstances can also show hearing and sight defects. The more curved the heart line appears the more emotionally responsive the subject; the straighter the line, the less flexible the nature. A lightly marked heart line may indicate a highly sensitive, slightly shy type.  Quite often the heart line is the darkest and most heavily etched line in the hand, suggesting that subjects obey their emotional instincts despite what the mind or common sense tells them to do. When this happens, there are often many little influence lines that drop away into the palm toward the head line. The higher the heart line stays along the top of the palm, the less this will be so.

How Affectionate Are You?
Look to the heart line to show the depth of understanding and the affectionate side of our nature. The physical nature of love and our emotions are shown by the depth that the heart line sinks into the palm. The higher and straighter the line in the palm, the less physically expressive the nature.

People with low-set heart lines always show depth of feeling in their dealings with everybody, especially the younger folk. They are far more in touch with their emotions and much more responsive than those in the older generations. 

Reading the Heart Line
There are two distinctive schools of though concerning this particular line. It has always been accepted that the line starts on the radial side of the hand where the other two main lines have their beginnings. 

Because emotions are instinctive there are those who argue that the heart line must start on the percussion and travel to the radial side of the hand. In turn, this has produced a small minority of people who claim that the line cannot have a beginning or an end because of what it represents. 

Further, as this line often begins with a fork and the other two generally and in one, the issue has produced some lively discussions.

The heart line may begin on or just under the mount of Jupiter, between the first and second fingers, or in the skin pattern at the radial edge of the hand just above the head line. It can also start on the mount of Saturn with a fork on the mount under the first finger.

If the heart line starts high up and remains there, this suggests an idealist. When the line forks with one branch from the radial edge and the other from the mount of Jupiter, it indicates emotional adaptability. Often, when this line does fork a branch steams from the Saturn mount, with the other form the radial edge, one line etched a little more strongly than the other.

If the stronger branch originates from the side of the hand, the nature will be proud and honest. The other way around shows an open and practical outlook and is often seen on the hands of careers.

Length and Density
It may be thick or thin, long or short, chained or islanded and should always be free of influence marks except for those that cross it as a matter of course. 

A deeply marked line suggests emotional pressure with attendant health troubles – worry, stress, and strain. But this line can often seem darker than the other two main lines and what these illnesses are ought to be confirmed elsewhere in the hand.

A short, straight, high-set heart line implies a cold emotional outlook. This will be emphasized with a narrow palm. A low-set heart line shows a passionate character and if the head line is also set low there will be possessiveness.

The Perfect Heart Line
The perfect line commences under the first finger and pursues a gently curving path all the way to the percussion. This indicates a healthy and reasonably well-balanced nature emotionally. The lower the line dips into the palm, the more physical that nature will be expressed. The higher heart line implies a more mental approach.

Islands in the Heart Line
An island in the heart line just below the middle finger can suggest hearing problems, while one under the third finger may reflect sight troubles. If fond on both hands, these troubles may be emphasized.

Deep and Curved Heart Line
The deeper the heart line curves or reaches into the palm, the more depth of feeling there will be. The straighter and higher the line, the more matter of fact the emotional approach.

Straight Heart Line
The straight heart line from one side of the hand to the other is a sure sign of possessiveness. The lower the line, the more physically demonstrative the nature; the higher the line, the more idealistic it is in its expression.

Emotional Balance
When the heart line begins between the first and second fingers, the nature of the owner will be able to maintain a healthy balance between idealism and practicality.

Reading the Heart Line
When the heart line ends on the outer edge under the mount of Mercury, more on the mount of Mars, the emotional nature will be selfish, cold, and unforgiving.

If all three of the main lines are connected at the start it warns of a traumatic shock to the system – the kind of incident never forgotten and from which the subject may never recover.

A faint heart line suggests a less passionate outlook, people who go through many affairs more for physical rather than emotional satisfaction. They are so quite direct, with their feet on the ground, and are self-protective. Despite this outlook, they are relatively open and friendly until trouble rears its head, then it’s every man for himself- and they are first in line.

A heart line with a low start, between the thumb and index finger, shows a possessive nature, emphazised the farther it stretches across the hand. These folk cannot abide criticism of those whom they trust and it is very difficult to persuade them otherwise.

People with straight heart lies are not so warm and easy to get along with; they are inhibited and not easily persuaded. The curved line shows a far more demonstrative nature – much warmer, more open, and friendly.

Left and Right Hand
Significant changes between heart lines in a pair of hands are often noted. The deeper etched line in the left hand with a more practical line on the right shows the subject to have been hurt in an earlier relationship. The reverse of this indicates a sympathetic partner who has drawn the subject out of his or her shell. If there is little difference, this shows someone with a contented nature.

Influence Lines
A restless outlook is shown by tiny influence lines that fall away from the line as it starts, This can be carried to extremes in that the subject might vary travel arrangements for the sake of change. There will be few really close friends, but a wide and varied circle of acquaintances. Knowledge tends to be somewhat superficial; they are Jack or Jills of all trades who know a little about many widely differing subjects and take things as they come.

Health and Heart Line
Dental, hearing, and sight defects can be found on this line. A little island in the line under the Saturn finger suggests hearing problems and there may be a fear of heights. An island on the line under the Apollo finger is associated with eye or sight defects. Three or four vertical lines just above the heart line under the Mercury finger may indicate dental troubles.



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