The head line shows the way you think and reason, perceive and believe, and how you then apply the information after digesting all the facts. We all think and act in our own fashion. As a result, we assume a lifestyle based on this thinking. Because of all the wide-ranging differences it is reasonable to expect the head line to start from a variety of places and take its own path on the surface of the hand. Like all lines, the head line should be clear of any influences marks except for those vertical lines that are expected to cross. There must be no dots, bars, islands, chaining, furring, or fraying. The clearer the line, the clearer the thought processes. The more the line slopes, the more imagination is present and used.

Reading the Head Line
The head line may start from anywhere on the Jupiter mount, which indicates pride in achievement. It sometimes starts a short distance away from the life line. The farther away from the life line, the more rash and impulsive the nature, especially if found on a conic hand. It may take a straight path across the middle of the hand or slop slightly. Occasionally, it will dip steeply to end on the Luna mount. It may end suddenly, for once or twice, tassellate or fray, or just fade out.

Comparing Hands
When you compare the head lines on both hands, one will seem to be more strongly drawn than the other. If the weaker line is on the right hand, the thinking will be negative, vacillating and submissive. When the weaker line is on the left hand, the reasoning powers will be positive and well ordered. The owner will have used his or her initiative to break free from possibly early restrictions. When both lines are of equal intensity with similar origins and follow the same paths, the owner will experience few changes.

A short line indicates a practical nature, less flexible than average. The subject may achieve fame or infamy for specialist abilities. A short line that ends under the middle finger is not usually seen on the conic hand but is more likely to be found on a square hand. It shows a good, practical level of concentration. It also indicates concern with mundane matters and a flair for routine. A long head line implies cluttered thinking but with a more flexible approach. These people are very imaginative.

The long head line that extends to the outer edge of the palm, virtually cutting a hand in two, is called a Syndey line. It shows excellent mental control, an inflexible nature, and a very strong selfish streak.

Occasionally, you may see hands that bear a head line with an irregular appearance. It starts strongly, fades away, and then comes back again. This shows a struggle to keep one’s head above water, an inability to cope. Influence lines or other marks at this point in the head line should show the cause. The higher the headline starts on the mount of Jupiter, the more honorable the character.

Double Head Line

Occasionally, a double head line is seen and indicates an ability to exist or work in completely different spheres of activity at the same time.

The longer and more even the rectangular space between the head and heart lines, the more common sense prevails. The wider the space, the more practicality rules, while the narrower the space the more emotional the character.

The Head Line and the Mounts
If the head line rises up to the mount of Mercury, the nature is cold; emotion is cut out of relationships. This is much the same as when the line remains high above the central part of the hand – again, all feeling and warmth is taken out of personal relationships. On both hands, this means that all emotional considerations will be subjected to the demands of the mind.

When the head line sweeps down the palm deep into the Luna mount there will be an active imagination but the lower the line reaches, the less positive the mental faculties. If the line fades at the end, this trait will be emphasized.

Islands, Forks, and Influence Lines
An island on any part of the head line suggests a weakening of the power of the whole line. If the head line forks at the end it indicates contrasting elements in the life of the owner, showing an active mentality that is well suited to research work. If the fork is toward the end of a line, there is an ability to pursue two different careers at the same time.

Influence lines rising from the head line always refer to efforts made by the subject to improve his or her standing. Lines that fall away suggest poor decision-making with attendant losses.

When the head line fades toward its end it is merely reflecting weakness that comes with age. Those who have this line should be prepared to slow down and relinquish responsibilities as gracefully as they can. The hand is advising that their natural energies will wane as they age and they must learn to live with this. When the head line looks stronger than the life line, the intellectual side will predominate. Writer’s Hook A small or shorter fork at the end of a forked head line that turns slightly upward is fancifully called the “writer’s hook” but is not limited to writing and covers any other creative pursuit. If one of the line reaches the percussion the owner is liable to receive international recognition (fame or infamy) depending on the nature of the endeavors.

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