Hands are either large or small, but a large person may have relatively small hands, even if they are much large than those of a small person. Generally, people’s hands are relative to their size but occasionally you will find people with hands that are noticeably disproportionate.   It is important to remember that hand size must be assessed in relation to a person’s build. In certain specialized industries, there may be a proliferation of one type or another. Large-handed people may be found working in the jewelry trade, while small- handed folks are often seen in practical, creative endeavors such as selling or advertising.

Large hands belong to those who may be thought superficial rather than profound, for people with such hands can fritter away their talent in mindless attention to retail rather than dealing with the whole picture. The large hand generally reflects an analytical mind. Large hands cope easily with detail and minor matters.

People with large hands need to have full details of any project before they start.

Large hands belong to people who could be accused of being superficial rather than profound, for they can fritter away their time and talent in endless detail rather than taking in the whole picture. Thus, people with large hands have an analytical mind. Those with large hands with long palms and short fingers are not as impulsive as those with small hands with long palms and short fingers. Memory and attention is only as long as the interest holds them, less if the palms are narrow – in which case the nature may be overfinicky.

Large-handed people with narrow palms are self-centered, subjective, cold, and even ruthless at times. Large hands with short palms and long fingers suggest an obsessive capacity for detail, particularly if there is any knotting at the phalange joints.

A large, broad hand denotes common sense, social sense, social ease, and sympathy with the less fortunate. Often, these people are active in welfare or public service, full or part time.

People with small hands perceive the whole picture immediately but they lack the appreciation of detail that is needed to break down the problem into its component parts. For them, it is usually all or nothing. Small hands with long palms and short fingers can mean that detail is given only lip service and is soon forgotten; memories can be surprisingly short-lived unless concerned with matters dear to the owner. People with small hands can work very well in the background and do not always seek recognition for their work. Small hands have little time for such things. All they see is the finished product and are not concerned when this happens.

Small hands belong to people who envisage the whole without a thought for the detail. They strip an idea to its roots and may be unable to cope with the nuances of a problem.

If the small hands have long palms and short fingers, detail is given some lip service but not for long, for memory is often short-lived unless it concerns something dear to them. People with small hands with long palms and short fingers are impulsive and they rush headlong into projects and schemes, only to find themselves in another scrape from which they need to make their excuses and leave. The memory may be slightly better than with large-handed types, and they may be slightly moody, unless the palms are narrow, in which case they will also be self-centered and petty.

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