Square or Useful Hand
This hand looks straight from the base of the hand across the wrist or where the fingers are set across the top of the palm. But sometimes the fingers may seem to slope slightly or the first and fourth fingers may be set much lower than the middle two.

The square or useful hand is found everywhere and people with this shape are conventional, rather set in their ways, and have great respect for law and order. They are very practical and pragmatic. Orderly, logical, and methodical, they have an endless patience, are level-headed, but can also be determined and even stubborn when they choose. The square hand implies a precise, methodical, and practical nature, so this type of hand with many palm lines indicates a sensitive and artistic character, impressionable and, perhaps, with an excess of nervous energy. So it is best for there to be only a few lines on this hand, because if covered with lines, the person concerned can be confused easily. A square hand with few lines indicate a practical and down-to-earth approach.

Conic or Round Hand 
Conic is a very old term for round. When the hand and fingers are conic, there is a slight tapering to the fingertips. The edges of the hand seem soft when compared with a square hand. In this type of hand the outer edge of the palm has a definite curve

This hand shape indicates a creative and artistic nature, along with an impulse and idealistic side. These people like change, and will make and break relationships, not because they lack feeling, but because they just like the stimulus of the new and untried. They have a very low boredom threshold and they will try anything once twice if they like it. On the conic hand, which indicates sensitivity, we would expect to find many palm lines, because it is in the nature of the person to be constantly prepared for variety and the stimulus to change. A few lines here suggest the more self-reliant type with a sound constitution and a good balance between nervous energy and physical activity.

Less Common Hand Types:

Philosophic Hand 
Long, bony fingers with a rectangular or square palm are found on this type. Its owners are deep thinkers and take some understanding. This hand type usually has deep etched lines emphasizing mental activity.

Psychic Hand
Narrow, delicate fingers are seen on this extreme version of the conic hand. Psychic hands are beautifully kept, with a long palm. The palms of the psychic hand usually contain a fine tracery of lines.

Mixed Hand

All types of finger and palm shapes are found on the mixed hands. If what you see cannot be classified, then it is a mixed hand.

Spatulate Hand

Fingertips bulge slightly on this variation of the square hand. The palm has a defined widening either at the base or the top of the hand. This hand usually has a reasonable trace of lines to reflect constant activity.

Elementary Hand

Short, Stubby, fingers classified this type. The whole hand looks short and clumsy with a thick, heavy palm. It suggests limited thinking. This hand usually has only the few main palm lines.

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