The shape and development of fingers individually and collectively relate to the instinctive side of the personality and character whereas the palm represent the practical side of the subject’s nature. Fingers must be examined from all sides, and the fingers of both hands must be compared with each other. It is important to assess their relationship not only to one another but also to other parts of the hand.


What Each Finger Tells You
Jupiter – The index finger; Associated with knowledge and learning.
Saturn – The middle finger; Associated with balance restriction, and caution.
Apollo – The third finger; Associated with creativity and general joie de vivre.
Mercury – The little, pinkie finger; speaks volumes with gestures.

Finger Spacing

First and second fingers
When there is a wide space between the first and second fingers, there is a sense of inner confidence and independence. This type is a leader.

Middle and ring finger
A wide space between the middle and ring fingers show a resourceful and selfish nature, one who may or not always think of thinks when making decisions.

Third and fourth finger
Wide spacing between the third and fourth fingers indicates a lone wolf type who needs to be as free as the air. They hate wasting time and energy.

All Fingers
Wide spacing between all of the fingers means the subject is inclined to be an extrovert, for such people prize their individuality and freedom of thought.

Length and Appearance of Fingers
To establish whether fingers are long or short, take a ruler and measure the middle finger from its tip (a) to the crease where it joins the top of the palm (b). Measure from this point to the bottom of the palm where the skin pattern fades out (c).

If the middle finger is shorter than the palm, then the fingers are all classified as short. When it is longer than the palm, the fingers are all classified as long.

Smooth Fingers
When fingers appear smooth, that is, without any indication of bulging or knotting at the joints, the owner is perceptive, versatile, and intuitive. If the fingers are short, impulsiveness is strong. When fingers are long, they thrive on intricate and detailed work and stop to review matters at the appropriate times.

Knotted Fingers (Monkey Joints)
Knotting or bulging at the phalangeal joints acts as a check on the inward flow of information. If found on each finger joint, it indicates a very critical nature. Knots at the top joint imply slow-to-please types who try to “cross their bridges” before they come to them. Pronounced lower joints show a pragmatic and methodical type.

Finger Set 
The way the fingers are set on the top of the palm should be noticed; there are four main types that can be compared to architectural arches. The most usual is when they appear set like a Norman arch with the central point at the middle finger. The first and little fingers are set lower than the others. When they are very low set, they make a perpendicular arch.

A low-set first finger always signifies a lack of self-confidence; the lower it is, the less “push” there will be in the personality. When the little finger is set low, expect to find an inferiority complex of some degree or another. There is always some element of self-doubt. Sometimes the fingers are set evenly along the top of the palm like the Tudor arch. Here, you will find a reasonably well-balanced personality, someone who can take the rough with the smooth and who trusts his or her own judgment.

In the final type, the fingers slope from a high-set index to a seemingly low-set little finger. People with this finger set have a misplaced sense of self-confidence; they bluff their way through life until they are found out.

When you assess the finger settings, you must always take into account the overall appearance of the hand itself. A large open hand, wide spacing, and evenly set fingers suggest the nature is confident, always open to suggestion and reason. A strong degree of cooperation should also be present.

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