It is important to not underestimate the importance of the fate line, whether it is there or not. When it is absent, there is no real sense of direction. When it is there – and, as a rule, there is almost always some semblance of the line present, no matter how long or short it is – the owner will have some sort of aim in life. This line maintains an overall balanced approach. The stronger it is, the more some semblance of self-control will be present. When only lightly etched, the nature can be vacillating.

Reading the Fate Line
The fate line is important, for it is heavily involved in our nature and general approach to life. None of the other major lines have this special quality. If there is no line of head, heart, and life it has no special significance.

When there is no fate line on either hand of a young child, he or she should be given a fairly strict upbringing and taught the essentials of life as early as possible. The difference between right and wrong needs to be understood early on to ensure that the child will not fritter his or her life away.

The Beginning of the Fate Line
The true fate line starts among the rascettes or inside the life line from the amount of Venus which, strictly speaking, makes it a duty line. For as long as it is inside the life line, the owner is subject to the family wishes. When you see this, examine the fate line as it leave the life line. If it looks stronger the youngster followed the family wishes and is making the most of his or her new career. However, if the fake line weakens or fades out, an effort may have been made but was later abandoned. Sometimes a new line starts as this one ends – a strong line shows confidence and promise for the new venture.

The fate line begins from the life line implies restriction in the early years. The younger will have have to work hard to achieve what he or she has. The higher the line stars, the later in life the owner will follow a chosen direction.

The fate line can also start from anywhere on the Luna mount. A long clear line to the base of the middle finger indicates independence and a very determined nature. It is likely that the career depends on public approbation for success – singing, dancing, acting, or possibly politics.

A forked beginning to a fate line suggests two distinct sides to the subject’s ambitions. If a branch from the Venus mount meets with a line from the Luna mount the subject is aware of what he or she is suppose to do regarding family wishes. The stronger of the two forks will show who wins in the end.

The Millieu Line
A short line sometimes appears between the life and fate line but stops before the head line. This is the millieu line and it is a sign of trouble. It prevents the owner from achieving the aim of the a moment through ill-health, insufficient money, or people who interfere without just cause. When the line stops, so do the problems.

Comparing Left Versus Right
If a fate line is found only on the right hand this shows subjects with the ability always to try to better themselves, and their initiative is usually quite strong.

When in the left hand only, it shows dreams and aspirations but little ability to pursue them. 

Double Fate Line
In this case, there are two distinct fate lines, one beginning from inside the life line the other from the Luna mount. Originally, these aims started from childhood (beginning inside the life line) and were much the same (they join together). The Luna line shows a determination to succeed that stands or falls on how the public accept the subjects approach and talents.

Fate Line Endings
When the fate line stops at the head line, poor judgment was the reason for failure. If it stops at the heart line, it shows that the career has stopped for emotional reasons. If the line merges with the heart line, the aims have been desired for a long time.

Reading the Fate Line
The clearer the fate line, the more success is likely, although this does not necessarily mean fame and fortune. The line shows how much real, inner satisfaction the subject will enjoy through his or her efforts. Money and fame as a result is an added bonus.

When the line starts quite faint and then strengthens, the owner will have experienced a poor start before everything took off. When the fate line starts from the Luna mount and travels to the Jupiter finger there is always good personal motivation.

Forks and Branches When the line breaks into many little branches at the end, the owner will diversify so much that nothing will be satisfactorily achieved. Sometimes when the fate line forks, one branch goes to the Jupiter mount and the other to the Saturn. Where the fork starts is important: at the head line, a business matter perhaps; while at the heart line, it shows an emotional change of heart.

Traditionally, a trident fork at the end of a line is very lucky but only if the line branches after passing the heart line. The fate line from the wrist to middle finger suggests the owner is a fatalist. Everything is put down to a sense of duty and obligation. Life is spent in a rut with an attempt to get out of it.

Fulfilling Ambitions
Lines that fade and return show weak and strong periods. The fate line that starts between the head and the heart line implies a long-felt ambition that the owner has finally been able to pursue actively. If it starts from the heart line, the subject has been fascinated by the interest first as a hobby and has now turned into a successful career. Look to the palmer skin pattern for verification. Between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers a clearly defined loop will be seen to enter the palm, the loop of serious intent, which shows that such a long-felt desire may one day become a reality.

If it begins between the heart line and the base of the fingers the exact location of its beginning will be crucial; on the mount of Jupiter, a career move; on Saturn; a long-desired position of responsibility; on the Apollo amount, it will be in one of the creative arts; and on the Mercury mount, something to do with communications, which in turn depends on the hand shape.

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