Often, the first opportunity to look at hands in some detail is to take advantage of someone by observing the back of the hands.

For example, those with short fingers or small hands want short precise answers, not long or detailed explanations, whereas those with big hands need more detail because they have to weigh up all the possibilities before they take any action.

Long and Narrow
Long, narrow hands indicate people who take time to think everything through before committing themselves. If the finger display bulging at each of the phalangeal joints, the capacity for detail is enormous.

When hands are wide across the back this reveals someone who will not stand for any nonsense. Such people are materialistic and they like the outdoor life. When the skin look sunburned or weather-beaten or the texture is rough to the touch, all sorts of outdoor pursuits attract. It may also reflect the craftsperson who prefers to work outdoors, especially if the hand is square shaped.

Narrow, Smooth, Pale, Soft
Narrow, smooth or pale hands with a soft texture indicate a love of indoor life. If they are lightly tanned in hot sunny weather, this indicates that the person may have indulge in a lazy streak simply by laying out in the sun.


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