Your free online source for learning palmistry. PalmistryFree offers a wealth of information to help you find life's answers on your palms and hands.  It's long been recognized that the lines and shapes of your hands show your natural traits. The answers are really on the palms of your hands! 



Are you a flirt? Is your marriage in trouble?

Will you be wealthy? Which natural traits you possess?
Are you in good health? Are you currently happyy?

Heart Line

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He has such small hands? Does this mean he is small down there too?
What's the difference between left-hand and right handed people?
My hands are different from the other! Why?
My life line is missing! Am I dying soon?
I've got big knuckles? What may this mean?
Are you healthy?
Will you be single forever?
Are you a flirt?
Will you be wealthy?
Is your marriage in trouble?

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